So what exactly are Bed Prism Glasses?

Bed Prism Glasses in use

Bed Prism Glasses in use

Bed Prism Glasses are those rather odd-looking spectacle with mirrors mounted on each side of the frame that you may have seen in the wonderful Jack Nicholson Movie The Bucket List.

In the movie the Nicholson character is seen wearing them to watch a wall-mounted TV while he was lying in his hospital bed. This is exactly what Bed Prism Glasses are designed for. In fact they are often called simply Bed Glasses!

They enable the wearer to watch TV or read a book whilst lying flat on their back, with their head on a pillow or two, but still able to see a book or TV in front of them without needing to bend their head forward.

Lying down flat without bending the head forward is more natural and helps avoid any neck or back aches.

How do they work?

This is achieved by the clever use of the ‘mirrors’ built into the frame of the glasses. I say ‘mirrors’ because they are not mirrors in the conventional sense. Instead they make use of glass prisms to bend, or refract light.

This is the same effect you’ve probably noticed when in the pool, where the view of your legs is altered to make them look bent at an unusual angle. A similar effect may have been noticed if you hold a stick in the water. It would appear to be bent quite dramatically under the water, although, of course, it is perfectly straight and unbroken.

The water acts like a prism and bends the light through degrees, depending on how you observe the illusion. Bed Prism Specs work the same way but without you getting your feet wet, of course! They, effectively, change your view from straight ahead to about 90 degrees downward, although on some models this is adjustable.

Watch this video for a great demonstration of Bed Prism Spectacles in action.

Reading in bed with Bed Prism Glasses

Why would you need them?

If you’ve tried to watch TV or read a book in bed you will know just how uncomfortable this can be.

Reading a book while lying down means having lie on one side, which may or may not suit you, or sitting propped up with pillows and bolsters behind you. The trouble then is that you tend to slide down the bed and end up holding the book over your face, making your arms tired and achy.

Lying on your side may help but once again your arms can get fatigued and, of course, if you wear glasses they can become uncomfortable as they tend to push against the side of your nose. Bifocals or vari-focals used this way can cause all sorts of distortion problems too!

Watching TV in bed comfortably may also prove virtually impossible too. You start off sitting up comfortably, but after a while find yourself lying almost flat, with your head craned forward to keep the TV in view. A sure way to become quickly tired and with a neck or back ache to boot!

These ‘Lying Down Glasses’, as they are sometimes called, allow you to avoid all these difficulties as all you would need to do is lie down in the same way you would if you were sleeping and still read a book or view TV comfortably, but with no aches or pains!

Who are they for?

Basically they are for anyone who enjoys reading in bed or watching TV in bed comfortably. Not only in bed, of course as these weird spectacles are perfect for reading a book poolside or on the beach.

You would not only be able lie flat and comfortable while reading bu,t with a slight sideways movement of the book, you could, for instance, keep an eye on the kids or study the local scenery! All without having to raise yourself up from your comfortable lounger.

They are also ideal for anyone who is confined to their bed for medical reasons, through illness or injury for example. In fact anything that means the patient cannot sit up comfortably for any length of time, or indeed, at all!

Where would you use them?

Sunny Beach. Ideal place to use Bed Prism Glasses

Sunny Beach. Ideal place to use Bed Prism Glasses

They could be used anywhere that involves you lying down or reclining. That could be on a bed, on a lounger, on a blanket on the grass (cue song!) or even in a hospital bed. In fact these glasses are often referred to as MRI Glasses as they are sometimes worn by patients who are being scanned in MRI scanners in hospitals.

Here they allow the patient to see the world outside the machine whilst still maintaining the requisite lying down flat position as the machine does its work. This can be an unsettling time for many people who may find the enclosed space distressing.

One place I would definitely suggest they should not be used is anywhere where walking is required. You’d have a good view of your feet but could easily walk into a lamppost!

When would you use them?

Basically whenever you are lying down, bored, fed up and need a book or TV to lift your spirits. And they are not only for when you are lying down. They can even be used when you are just sitting comfortably in a reclining chair or lounger.

You could also use them:

  • When relaxing on the beach or by the pool. Just lie back, read a book and get a good tan all at the same time.
  • When traveling on a plane. No more sitting hunched over your laptop. Just lean back and work at the keyboard without having to lean over it.
  • When you are on the train. Read your book, paper or magazine whilst leaning back with it on your lap. No need to bend your head forward!
  • When confined to bed through illness, injury or even when just having a Sunday morning lie-in. A good example of them being used in a Hospital is featured in The Bucket List Movie

Where can you get Bed Prism Glasses?

Bed Prism Glasses are not always easy to find, although some online stores do sell them.

Amazon, in particular, carry a wide selection ranging from the basic, inexpensive models with fixed prisms, and up to some very sophisticated versions that are fully adjustable for the angle of viewing.

These more versatile specs even allow you to see a TV in front of you when you are lying face-down! Some medical situations might require this and being able to read at the same time could be very beneficial to the patient.

A wide range of these weird but wonderful spectacles can seen at the Bed Prism Glasses Store along with the latest prices and ‘No holds barred’ Customer Reviews.