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An unusual use for prisms in glasses that I recently came across is as far removed from their normal use as it is possible to imagine!

Belaggles Belay Glasses Lemon Yellow

Belaggles Belay Glasses Lemon Yellow

Belay Glasses, as they are termed, are not for lounging about beside the pool, reading a book or lying in bed watching TV but for something a lot more active – Rock Climbing!

Not for lounging beside the pool reading a book, this variation of Prism Glasses is designed especially as a safety aid for rock climbers.

Called Belay Glasses because Belay is a term used to describe the tethering of climbers together or to the rock face for safety.

The word Belay actually goes back to nautical times of old but that’s another story.

It the context of prism glasses belay refers to the fact that they designed and used for climbing safety.

They allow the climber to see not only forward but also upward at the same time with just a small eye movement from one to the other.

Neck-strain – Belayers’ Neck as it is called – is also virtually eliminated as there is no need to crane the head back to look at the rock face above.

There is less danger of getting dust in the eyes too.

Designed to be operated with just one hand they are a real safety enhancing device.

They are designed for Rock Climbing, but do you use them for anything else?

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Healthcare Bed Prism Spectacles Review

The Healthcare Bed Prism Spectacles are possibly better known as Bucket List Glasses after the famous movie of the same which starred Morgan freeman and Jack Nicholson.

Healthcare Bed Prism Spectacles

Healthcare Bed Prism Spectacles

These are high quality glasses and are suitable for anyone who suffers from Myopia (near or short-sightedness), which seems to be many people in later life, as they fit over regular spectacles. They enable you to watch TV, or read in bed when lying down by changing the viewing angle from forward to almost straight down, to where your TV or book or magazine will probably be when you are lying flat on your back.

With very low distortion they do not detract from the usual view of your book or TV.

Surprisingly, despite their high quality, they are very economical making them a great gift for anyone you may know who has to spend a lot of time lying in bed for medical reason perhaps. Or maybe for someone who enjoys sunbathing and reading at the same time.

Not having to bend the head forward to read a book or watch a TV means they will not suffer fatigue caused by neck or back ache. They will be able to read books or view TV  in perfect comfort for long periods and without the usual discomfort.

The manufacturers of these Bed Prism Spectacles recommend you wear them for short periods of time initially as the effect, although very beneficial in the long term, can be a little unsettling initially. That soon wears off though and they then become so natural to use that most people who have bought a pair wonder how they managed before. If you know someone who uses these prism glasses you may well have heard them extolling their virtues until your head spins! Such is their impact on wearers.

Features and Benefits

  • High Definition – A clear, sharp image for easy reading and viewing
  • Enjoy a clear view without moving your head – No more neck aches when watching that favourite movie in bed.
  • Suitable for both young and old – Ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time lying in bed reading or on a lounger using their i-Pad.
  • Can be used over existing spectacles – You’ll still be able to read or watch TV even when wearing your regular specs!
  • Economical – Their low price means they make a wonderful gift either for someone who may be bedridden or for someone who simply enjoys their leisure time ‘soaking up the rays’ and reading books or magazines.

Some buyer’s comments:

“The images are clear and they easily and snugly fit over my glasses. They are truly a step above other prism glasses I have used but actually cost less.”

“The Prism Spectacles are amazing. All the hospital staff, taking care of my 21 year old nephew Love playing with them. He is on his back (most of the day) and can read and watch TV. He was sooooooo excited to get them.”

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